What are the differences between Pictorico Pro Hi-Gloss White Film and PGHG White Film?

Pictorico Pro Hi-Gloss White Film supersedes PGHG White Film. The transition is occurring on a stock rotation basis. Be aware that PGHG availability is limited to stock on hand. Pro Hi-Gloss White Film is slightly thicker (7.3 mil) than PGHG White Film (6.7 mil). There are some other minor different specifications, but thickness is the most noticeable difference.

Product Name Basis Weight
PGHG White Film 213 6.7 92 98
Pictorico Pro Hi-Gloss White Film (PPF150) 260 7.3 90 97

Other new features:

  • Improved surface scratch resistance
  • Glossier surface
  • Thicker base material, more stiff and stable
  • Black density improved by 15%
What are the differences between Premium OHP Transparency Film and Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film?
Ultra Premium has 25% more ink absorption than Premium. We recommend Ultra Premium when you use Epson K3 ink or print color image because of this characteristic. As you can see in theProduct Specification, there is little significant difference between weight, thickness and opacity.
What are the differences between old and new OHP Transparency Films?
Pictorico made a change related to the manufacturer of the product.

TPS -> Ultra Premium OHP (TPS100)

They are actually the same products with different codes.

Old Premium OHP and TPK -> New Premium OHP (TPU100)

New Premium OHP is milkier than the old products. It has almost the same ink absorption (TPU100 is slightly better.) Except for appearance, those two products are designed and manufactured to have exactly the same printability.

Do you have downloadable ICC profiles for Pictorico Inkjet Media?
Please refer to theResource page. Our tech team is working on adding to list of the profiles regularly. If you cannot find the ICC profile you are looking for, please feel free to request it using the following link:contact page.
How much is the shipping cost?

For shipments within the U.S.

  • GROUND $10.00
    We offer free ground shipping on orders over $100 within the U.S.
  • 2 DAY $18.00
  • OVERNIGHT $28.00

For shipments to Canada:

  • CANADA GROUND $18.00

For shipments to Mexico:

  • MEXICO GROUND $99.00
How long is the order processing time?
Orders received before 4:00 pm EST will ship the following business day. Orders received after 4:00 pm EST will ship within two (2) business days.
Can you deliver Pictorico Inkjet Media to outside of the U.S.?
This website will only ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico. No other shipping destinations are available at this time.
What is the procedure for tax exempt customers?
Please contact us at 800.765.9384 or 914.925.3200 before you place your order to ensure that you will not be charged tax. Order placed in advance of notification will not be credited for tax.
Will Pictorico Inkjet Media work in printers other than inkjet printers such as in a laser printer?
We do not recommend using Pictorico Inkjet Media through a color or monochrome laser printer, dye-sublimation printer, or thermal printer. Our coating is not designed to withstand the heat and pressure associated with these printing devices.
What inkjet printers are compatible with Pictorico Inkjet Media?
Pictorico Inkjet Media can be used in both dye and pigment ink applications, and are compatible with all major inkjet printers on the market, such as Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Canon, and Lexmark. Pictorico Inkjet Media is also compatible with some “archival” pigment inks, such as Epson, Hewlett-Packard, and Roland branded inks. Some third-party pigment inks may not work depending on their chemical composition.
Which side of the sheet is the printable side?

Pro Hi-Gloss White Film,Ultra Premium OHP Transparency FilmandPremium OHP Transparency Film- The printable surface is facing you when you hold the sheet with its short edges at the top and bottom and the notched corner is at the top right as illustrated.

  • Gekko Black- The printable side is more matte than the reverse side.
  • Premium Dualside Photo paper- Both sides are printable.
  • Other Paper- The printable side is glossier than the reverse side.
Do you have any sheet sizes other than 8.5” x 11” and 13” x 19”?
We are continually evaluating demand for our products in larger sizes. At this time, we do not offer sheet sizes other than 8.5” x 11” and 13” x 19”. If you wish to see additional sizes of our products, please let us know by contacting us through the contact page of our web site. We welcome your input.
What is the longevity of Pictorico Media?
The fading characteristics of any inkjet printed media depend on factors including ink, media, print technology and storage conditions. However, for maximum print life, display all prints under glass, laminate or store them in a light-free environment.