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I recently conducted extensive tests with Pictorico’s new Contact Print Film and found dramatic improvements over an already superior product. The new ceramic coating used with Contact Print Film will hold a much higher ink load, thus allowing more printer/ink combinations to produce contact negatives suitable for alternative processes requiring higher negative densities.

At the same time, even with the highest possible ink loads, negatives dry and stabilize much faster—reducing problems such as embedded dust and pizza wheel tracks. This also means negatives can be used sooner after being printed. All this without increased dot gain and puddling. Negatives print razor sharp with very smooth tonal transitions. Increased toughness of the ink/film coating combination make negatives more scratch resistant and durable—allowing for more printings per negative.

- Mark Nelson

Precision Digital Negatives for Silver & Other Alternative Photographic Processes

The future of fine art hand made prints blends the beautiful alternative processes of the 19th Century with the current cutting edge technology of inkjet digital negatives. Contact Print Film from Pictorico combined with thePrecision Digital Negatives Systemfor crafting digital negatives will produce the finest in hand made prints—rivaling and in some cases surpassing those made from in-camera negatives.