Montalbetti and Campbell

“Unleash your imaginings with the astonishing color of Pictorico."



Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell have been working as an artistic partnership for over a quarter of a century.  In that time they have developed a unique approach to image-making that has garnered them an international reputation for excellence.  Award-winning masters of the studio and of post-production, they harness the full potential of digital technology to create images with a nonetheless timeless quality.  With a practice that spans commercial, editorial and fine art, they remind us that many of the artists of the past created their greatest works to commission and for a purpose.



They are truly visual artists.  While many contemporary practitioners begin a work with a concept and build an image that illustrates it, Montalbetti & Campbell begin with purely visual elements, fragments of a mental image. These visual fragments arrive from the ether unannounced – in a contemporary take on the classical notion of the muse, they describe these moments of inspiration as being delivered by the ‘Cosmic FedEx’.



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The images are developed through the symbiotic disciplines of the studio (costume, hair, make-up, setting, lighting) and post-production, where new layers of imagery are fused to the original photograph and the real and the imagined synthesis a new possibility. Ideas emerge from the purely visual, evolve through the act of making and find meaning in their dialogue with the viewer.


“It is always a privilege to honor someone’s presence on the other side of the lens, whether they have achieved a level of public account in their lives or not.  It’s never about their fame, it’s about the person.” Montalbetti and Campbell


Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell were born in Canada, They have received numerous awards including a Gold World Award at the New York Festivals Advertising Awards, Canon AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year, Communication Arts and American Photography. Their work is represented in public, private and print collections nationally and internationally including the National Gallery of Australia; National Portrait Gallery of Australia; Australian Museum of Sport; Australian Institute of Professional Photography; Australian Commercial and Media Photographers.

Alasdair Foster, Director

Australian Center for Photography

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