Epson Black Ink for Pictorico Inkjet Media

We recommend Photo Black Ink for all Pictorico Inkjet Media.

Recommended Printer Setting for Pictorico GEKKO Black

For printing on GEKKO Black, we recommend that you select the best quality option for glossy photo paper, e.g., "Premium Glossy Paper" on Epson 3800 printer driver.
Photo Black Ink is also recommended on GEKKO Black for Epson printer users.

ICC Profiles

If you can not find the ICC profiles that you are looking for, please try our Recommended Printer Settings. These settings work very well and may fulfill your immediate needs. You may also adjust other settings for the best resolution and quality to optimize ink output.

Since each profile is made for specific printer and media, we do not recommend that you use another profile as an alternative.

ICC Profiles for Transparency Inkjet Film

To create ICC profiles, we must measure the base color of media and the printed colors on the media (printed image). The transparent media presents an unusual problem because it is both reflective and transparent.  The quality of an image on transparent media depends upon the intensity of light passing through it.

Therefore, we believe putting as much ink as possible on the transparent media would be the best solution to print clear and vivid images on the transparent media. We have created some profiles for the transparent media based upon users' requests. However, we recommend using a basic printer driver setting for Glossy Paper. You may try both methods and decide which is the best solution for your application.

List of ICC Profiles

Canon PIXMA Pro-1

Click here for information on Canon PIXMA PRO-1.
Click here to go to CANON USA website.

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II
Canon PIXMA Pro9500 Mark II
Canon iPF 6100 and 8100
Canon iPF 6300, 6350, 8300 & 8350
Canon iPF 5000
Canon iPF 8000
Canon iPF 9000
Canon iPF 9900
Epson 1280
Epson 2200
Epson 2400
Epson 3800
Epson 4800
Epson 4880
Epson 7800
Epson 7880
Epson 7900
Epson 9800
Epson 9880
Epson R800
Epson R1800
Epson R2400
Lex Mark 6250

Product Description Guide



PPF150 = Pro Hi-Gloss White Film

PPR200 = Pro Hi-Gloss Photo Paper

PPR120 = Hi-Gloss Photo Paper

OPAL = Pro Opalecscent Photo Paper

DUAL = Pro Dual Sided Photo Paper

GKG = Gekko Green

GKR = Gekko Red

GKK = Gekko Black

GKB = Gekko Blue

MCT = Art Cotton Paper

MCTW = Art Cotton Paper Texture I

MW1PH = Art Kenaf Paper (132)

TPS100 = Ultra Premium OHP Transparency Film

TPU100 = Premium OHP Transparency Film

Diamond Jet

IJMF = Professional Glossy Photo Paper

IJME = Professional Luster Photo Paper

IJMM = Professional Satin Photo Paper



We are still working on profiles for major printers.  Please feel free to contact us to tell us your needs.  Based on your requests, we measure the needs and determine the priority.  We cannot guarantee that we can create profiles for all the printer models.  Please be sure to specify the type of media you are requesting a profile for, as well as the make and model of your printer.